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The Appetite

Feb 26, 2021

You will be happy to bend your ear (maybe again) for this one!  Julie Church, RDN and Carter Umhau, LMHC talk with Erin Harrop (now doctor Erin Harrop, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Denver) about healthism, the use of the word "fat," fat liberation and intersectionality.  Dr. Harrop shares their personal experience to spotlight problems with the over-focus on weight in eating disorder treatment. The Appetite crew released this interview 3 years ago and it is even more relevant to our cultural conversation today. 

If you are interested in learning more about Health at Every Size, you can join Julie Church for her yearly Introduction to Health at Every Size training this month! Julie's training is available as a pre-recorded webinar and will be followed by a live Q&A panel with Julie, Erin Harrop and Opal dietitian Alyssa Davis on March 23rd at 12pm. You can find more information here


Dr. Harrop's article in Women and Therapy (2018):
For more learning, Dr. Harrop recommends:

1. Fat Girls in Black Bodies by Joy Arlene Renee Cox Ph.D. 

2. The Adipositivity Project:

3. Children's book: Free to be Me: Self Love for all Sizes  by Dr. Leslie Williams

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