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The Appetite

Jun 19, 2019

Jo Langford, MA joins The Appetite to talk with host Carter Umhau, LMHC about consent. This conversation—which focuses first on helping parents help their teens learn the language of sexual consent and the role of technology within it—contextualizes consent within the work of attunement, empowerment, and embodiment that’s so often pursued in the process of eating disorder recovery. Whether you’re a parent wanting to learn more on behalf of your kids, or a grownup that never got a chance to learn how to advocate for what your body wants or doesn’t want, listen in to engage a new way of listening to your body.


Learn more about Jo Langford here, including links to his books, his teaching, his practice:

If you’re a parent interested in learning more about the role of technology, you may want to listen to Jo on his podcast, APPropriate:


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