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The Appetite

Aug 8, 2019

How can yoga help in eating disorder recovery? Opal therapists and yogis Kendra Appe, LMHC, RYT and Lauren Donelson, RYT join The Appetite to answer this question. Creators of the “Do No Harm” workshop series at Opal, they also speak to how the Western culture around yoga can inadvertently encourage disordered eating and the exclusivity of bodies beyond the thin, white ideal. Kendra and Lauren will talk about their stories practicing yoga, what body positive yoga looks like, and how yoga has the potential to be therapy for every body. 


Join us at Opal’s next Do No Harm Yoga workshop this September:

Lauren Donelson’s article: “My Career As A Yoga Instructor Was A Cover For My Eating Disorder”


Resources to Support You in Creating Body-Inclusive Yoga Spaces


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