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The Appetite

Sep 25, 2019

What does it take to heal? Obviously there’s a lot to it, but we’d dare to say that COURAGE (in all its forms) is at the heart of it all. Opal Co-Founder and Executive Director Dr. Lexi Giblin PhD, CEDS joins host and therapist Carter Umhau, LMHC to explore the many types of courage and their roles within eating disorder recovery. Lexi and Carter will pull from psychologist Rollo May’s work, which defines courage within four spheres: physical, moral, social, and creative. 




Rollo May’s book, The Courage to Create:

Jesh de Rox on The Creativity Habit podcast, as Carter mentioned:


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Daniel Guenther at Jack Straw Cultural Center:

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Music by Aaron Davidson:

Host and Producer Carter Umhau: