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The Appetite

Nov 28, 2022

Connie Sobczak of The Body Positive gives us this wise nugget: "Aging is something we get to do, if we are lucky." Julie Church, Opal's Co-Founder and Nutrition Director, discusses with Connie the many considerations that arise as we age, covering the topics of appearance, body image, health, and self-care.  Listen here for invitations to gratitude, non-judgement, and consciousness that can start at any stage of life and help ease one into the gift of aging.  Connie shares openly about how she personally navigates aging with her eating disorder recovery and personal commitment to embodiment.
Links from show:  
Maya Angelou interviews About the 70s  and About the 80s

The 5 Invitations: Discovering What Death Can Teach Us About Fully Living

Connect with Connie: essay, Experience Over Appearance

TEDx talk link: Embracing Your Critical Voice: The Gateway to Self-Love


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